Building Brands Through Innovation

An innovative global product development business building brands across the tech and lifestyle sectors


We aim to be a leading brand owner and developer delivering award-winning products that keep up with the ever-changing market trends, habits and attitudes of the consumer.


We are those customers

The majority of our employees are the target market and our designers and product developers live and breathe that market place.  Our energy and passion resonate in everything we do.


We are ethical

We look to make money from delivering value and an experience from the innovation we invest in our product and brand creation. We do not look to create a hard time for our suppliers and invest large amounts of money in making sure all of our supply chain complies with the ethical and production compliance required for people to earn a fair living in a clean and suitable working environment.


We move fast

We now live in a world where our customers demands and needs change quickly.  We pride ourselves in our speed to market and strive to never let our customers and consumers down.  We design and develop products that cater for the current needs of consumers and get them into their hands as fast as possible.

Category Management

We are professionals at working in the retail sector creating bespoke and private label trend based ranges. Having seen this area expand rapidly over the past years we now work with some of the world’s leading retailers having helped them offer highly profitable additional product diversification. 

We offer both the design and sourcing of products. Using the latest fashion trends and close working relationships with our customers we use this experience to manage continuous development to engage the full breadth of consumers.