Building Brands Through Innovation

Our brands are built to last

We identify market segments where we can build a following who become fans of our brands and organically create awareness.

It is self-perpetuating and powerful.


We build brands that create real consumer demand. Tapping into the needs and demands of todays ever changing consumer, their lifestyles and behaviour, we're able to adapt through constant innovation.

Gadget Brand
A veritable tech fest with boys toys, gadgets and retro gaming come together.

Fun & Functional Tech Brand
A fun range of mobile and tech accessories with novelty and character at its core. 

Unique Dining & Barware Brand
Helping to make dinner parties exciting and the one that everyone raves about. 

Licensed Tech & Lifestyle Brand
The subject of comic strips and sticker sets on Facebook. This range is full of cute home, party-ware and tech accessories.

Original Stormtrooper
Licensed Tech & Lifestyle Brand
From homeware to gadgets, we've collaborated with Andrew Ainsworth, who created the armour and helmets for the original movies.

Confectionery Brand
Sweets with a sense of humour. Candy with a twist.

Thumbs Up
Mug & Gift Brand
If you’re looking for ordinary – look away now. Thumbs Up brings fun, quality and value to the technology, home and lifestyle marketplace.

Fashion Tech Brand
A range of chic and fashionable collections transform the otherwise dull looking tech accessories into something far more glamorous. 

Home Lifestyle Brand
Innovative solutions to common household problems. providing a better everyday.